summer so far!

1has been amazing :)

finished exams and jaslynn came to visit!

& then spent some time our here - camden.egham.virginia <3

& then SPAIN <3

I’ve so forgotten about Tumblr!

Had the greatest weeekend :)

Friday - Jhenielle graduated = me so PROUD OF HER!


going to get raped by economics today.

Childhood Photos.

This is probably the most akward photo considering that that’s my real dad on the right and that’s my step dad on the left.. before my dad left. My step dad, Kanny use to babysit for my mom and was her good friend before they dated.

Claire and I when I was like 6 months?

Claire on her baptism - the dress is my Irish Grandmother’s wedding dress.

My mom and Claire :)

Claire and my Irish Grandmother :)

Claire and my real dad

Claire and I :)

Claire and my dad

My first kisss :)

My dad, his dad and I :)

I’m bored and don’t wnanan study! Plus I found thesee !

IB students.

You can get any past paper exam questions heree.


This actually did happen to me today. I think ya’ll know who comes to mind :)

Today was

a lovely day :)

School was goood + everyone loves the sun besides Oliver Charles.

& It was pizza friday.

+ ice cream at 3 o’clock. and I have a new love for Mrs. Walton (biology teacher) for letting us dance and sing today and not doing ANY work.

but then my mom never came to pick me up when she was suppose to which ruined my day but then i went to dinnner with Megan & Katiee <3 and then my parents said I could go to spain so I’m exciteddd.

But exams next weeek! Good luck everyone - i love you all x

Love Like Woe
The Ready Set

I’m having myself quite the jam session currently <3

The people that make me smile everyday. &lt;3

The people that make me smile everyday. <3